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Hardwood flooring facts


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Hardwood floors in Conyers, GA

Engineered wood floors offer diverse styles, ranging from narrow 2″ strips to 5″ planks, in a choice of popular finishes and gloss levels.

In choosing the style you like best, consider these basics – color, species, board width, edge style, gloss level, board thickness, and warranty.

Engineered wood floors are made to be installed virtually anywhere. At, above, or below ground level. In kitchens, basements, attics – places where ordinary solid wood floors can’t survive.


Modern wood floors provide exceptional durability, with polyurethane finishes that deliver long-term protection against normal wear and scuffs. Just follow simple maintenance techniques like regularly sweeping or vacuuming, cleaning spills promptly, and strategically placing mats, rugs, and casters. No damp mopping is required.


It takes more than twice as many trees to produce a traditional solid wood floor as it does to produce an engineered floor.